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Logo and brand design for Belenox, a management consulting start-up headquartered in Belgium. Belenox puts analytics and business intelligence at the service of industries to help them become more efficient.

Founder Cedric was keen on incorporating the triskelion with a clean, modern look and feel.

  • belenox_project_3
  • belenox_project_2
  • belenox_project_1

Roze & the Robots

I was commissioned to create concept artwork as pre-production for an animated film ‘Roze and the Robots’ There was a lot of freedom in creating this artwork since the film was in its very early stages. I kept things sketchy with pen and ink washes, watercolours and sometimes painting directly onto cardboard.

  • Tall Robot Concept
  • tall_rusty
  • garbage_robot
  • garbagebot_rough
  • seaattack

  • small_bots

Parents 1st

The aim of this project was to brand and create illustrations for social enterprise Parents 1st.

  • flats
  • suburbs_combined
  • terracehomes_web (1)
  • bluescene_terrace
  • parents1st_logo4
  • greengirl__lowdepth_backfocus